This is a simple system that helps 1000 people achieve the loyalty of Facebook's algorithm, which leads to an immediate influx of new customers from the very first ad.
150 pages detailing the logic behind Facebook™ algorithms that affect the impressions and cost of your ads. Only valuable information, no useless methodology.
The book is based on the extensive 9-year experience of an expert in purchasing and planning advertising on Facebook™ and Instagram™, who has mastered more than $10000000 of the budget.
More than 50 illustrations and screenshots for a deeper understanding of the preferences of the algorithms.
4 cool services for analyzing and creating effective creatives (advertisements) that you might not know about.
The book is for you if you:
  • Media buyer
  • SMM specialist
  • Owner of a business account on Instagram and Facebook™
  • You set up your own ads on Facebook™
  • Promote your PERSONAL BRAND
  • Promote your activities on Instagram and Facebook™
  • You are promoting your account and want to know what texts and images Facebook prefers to broadcast to the audience.
For four years i was an official partner of the Alibaba Group, for two years he was engaged in the promotion of products of the Top Face social network, spent more than five million dollars in the advertising budget, the author and founder of the ADSPLY service.

I do not work and have never worked for Facebook™. I don't have twenty scientific degrees. I didn't do an internship at NASA. I didn’t go to Stanford, and I don’t regret it at all.

However, I still that I understand what I'm talking about when it comes to creating advertisements that attract not only people, but the algorithms of the social networks Facebook™ and Instagram are also loyal to them.
I will share this experience with you on the pages of my books.
My name is Denis. I have over nine years of experience in internet marketing, and I am a practicing expert in purchasing and planning advertising on Facebook™ and Instagram™.
Top-Ads Guide
The logic of advertising algorithms social networks

Here's what you'll learn...

  • How neural network algorithms affect the impressions of your campaigns
  • How to increase reach and impressions of your campaigns for a more responsive and paying audience
  • Why some ads have more reach than others
  • How to get fast moderation
  • How to Create an Effective Campaign-Group-Creative Link
  • How to protect your account from blocking
  • How to properly distribute the budget within a business manager
  • Why is it important to use a single landing page with an unchanging url
  • Why is it important to embed a pixel on a landing page
  • What services can be used to check the content of the text for its compliance with the campaign policy
  • Learn the main mistakes when writing texts and selecting images
  • Find out the main mistakes when writing advertisements and preparing creative for them
  • How to make a creative that doesn't look like an ad
  • What image / text should be to get high algorithm score
  • What services can be used to check creatives (images) for evaluation clusters of the neural network

NORMALLY: $77.00
Read the detailed content of the book:

CHAPTER ONE Facebook Brain Structure

Playing with extremes

Biased attitude to user attention

Hate advertising

Advertising for business or for people?

Speak the truth


Trojan horse strategy

Advertising as a value

Mask links

It's all about content

To sum up

Advertising quality

CHAPTER TWO Foresight of the Facebook algorithm

Algorithm lexical bias

Trigger words

Hacking Happiness!

Graphic bias

Graphic sensitivity

Hacking Happiness#2

Financial bias

Input data

About the domain and pages for your ad

Landing page

One pixel for all purposes

X-ray vision

Analytics tools

Human relation

Dangerous mix

Human relation




This proven system allows you to get on the good side of the algorithm and get more customers.
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Perfect Audience 2021

From the book, you will learn:

  • The information you receive in this block is critical to properly configuring Facebook™ events later on.
  • 4 data management methods for evaluating the customer journey of buyers.
  • You will learn how to use Google Analytics to analyze the time it takes your customers to complete a conversion, sequence length, conversion visits, and sales / sign-up pages.
  • Pixel time triggers Facebook™. How to use them and for what purpose? Setting up Facebook™ Pixel using Google (GTM). Time is a very important variable when it comes to targeting your Facebook™ ads. Especially retargeting ads.

  • Targeting. Any retargeting is based on good targeting, and good targeting is impossible without the right target audience.
  • In this block, I will share with you how I collect the best target audiences for my advertising campaigns and give a detailed table on how to prescribe my audience for you.
  • An important factor in the success of any advertising company knows exactly who you want to show your ads to in order to avoid spending on non-targeted impressions and not spending the budget on people who will never buy from you, moreover, on people who are not even interested in What are you offering.
  • You will also learn about the next generation targeting tool that will allow you to significantly reduce your ad spend.

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Next generation Targeting 2021


In the second edition of Next generation Targeting, you will learn about Facebook™ trending audiences, how to research them and figure out which ones are best for fine-tuning targeting in your ad campaigns.

You will learn how:
  • Increase your ROI with trending audiences.
  • How to attract new customers to your business who will buy.
  • How to collect the perfect leads for your ad campaign to take your ad to a whole new level.

"... You knew that Facebook™ audience sizes (interests) are not static and are constantly changing, as well as the composition of users, and this happens every day.
How to use this data to collect ideal audiences for advertising campaigns in the face of the latest privacy requirements of iOS 14! "

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This books will be a game-changer for you.

Best, Denis Bob

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What Readers Are Saying...

Sarah Lewin
Project manager in Pixels
This is the book to get, folks. Not only does it dive deep into how Facebook advertising works, it also breaks down all the targeting and analytics in very easy-to-follow format. There's so much useful information that is easy to understand.
Samuel Willson
Creative director in AI agency
It's simple enough even for the most social media challenged to start with and detailed enough for an expert to learn from. Whatever your level of experience, this book will absolutely have what you need.
Ethan Larkina
Founder of Ads Bust Agency NY
This book is invaluable to anyone who wants to start Facebook advertising at any level. It can bring someone who's never run a Facebook ad to pro status. I found this book incredibly enlightening.
Mari NY
Media buyer
This complete guide to Facebook advertising is just that - absolutely complete. It walks novices like myself through every step so clearly. Even experienced people will find information they didn't know.
— What year is the book?
— The book's release date is May 2021. But, the book is constantly updated with relevant information! Last update June 2021
— Who is this book for?
— Anyone who promotes a business and / or brand on social networks Facebook™ and Instagram™. (SMM managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, promoters, media buyers, bloggers, freelancers).
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— Why shouldn't you postpone your buying decision?
— Time to act. The book contains relevant information, and already at the stage of reading you will begin to implement the knowledge gained and get results.
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